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Building and protecting the Iowa brand by providing a framework to unify Iowa’s diverse offerings through consistent messaging and visuals. 

Brand strategy

A well-executed brand strategy serves to strengthen the reputation of the university by ensuring content is cohesive and effective for its intended audiences. 

Brand manual

Maintaining the university's brand manual and policies is an important way that we promote consistent implementation of Iowa’s brand strategy. This comprehensive guide provides you with the necessary assets, tools, templates, and training resources to effectively use the brand in your work. 

Brand governance and protection

We regularly collaborate with a network of brand managers across campus who can assist you with brand-related inquiries and ensure alignment with the marketing and communication goals specific to your area. 

Additionally, we work closely with the Office of Trademark Licensing to protect the university's trademarks and can help you ensure they are consistently applied to all merchandise available for sale or distribution.

Brand execution and design

Our team works together to develop and guide the creative expression of Iowa’s brand and effectively tell the university's story. 

Whether its environmental graphics for a space on campus, flagship recruitment publications, or executive communications, we leverage our expertise to create materials that bring the Iowa brand to life across both print and digital media.

We can help with

  • Providing tools and resources to help you leverage the brand and build greater brand recognition.
  • Offering brand management support through consultation and training opportunities.
  • Reviewing third-party requests to use the university name or trademarks.
  • Providing feedback and consultation to help you create engaging materials and implement the brand effectively.
  • Developing concepts and shaping content that is tailored to your unit’s strategic marketing goals.
  • Suggesting a vendor partner to fit your project needs. 

Showcased work

Below are some samples of our brand work.

Documents and resources

Documents and Policies

The resources and tools provided in our brand manual empower you (and your department) to effectively communicate the Iowa story.

Iowa Brand Manual

By utilizing branded templates, you can easily create marketing and communication materials that maintain brand consistency and effectively convey the Iowa story.

Template Library

Our vendors are a select group of partners that provide support for the creative and marketing needs across campus. 

Vendor Partners

Our printing and mailing services enable you to conveniently and quickly print your project. For all printing and copying related to the University of Iowa, it is mandatory to utilize UI Printing Services.

UI Printing and Mailing Services

Campus networks

Join the Iowa Creatives Listserv to connect with creative communications professionals across campus, exchange ideas, get feedback from peers, ask for recommendations, and more.

Training opportunities

Brand 101 training: Get an overview of the Iowa brand and discover what makes it unique, how to leverage our visual identity, and the resources available to help bring it all together.

Brand and design contacts

Jessica Corliss headshot

Jessica Corliss

Creative director
Cameron Mueller headhsot

Cameron Mueller

Marketing writer
Sondra Cue headshot

Sondra Cue

Brand manager
Ann Freerks headshot

Ann Freerks

Jocelyn Mulford

Jocelyn Mulford

Student brand management assistant
Jake Sorg headshot

Jake Sorg

Art director