Guidance, strategy, and consulting for colleges, departments, and units at lowa.

We provide guidance and support to campus partners in the following areas: marketing strategy, brand, communication, media training, photo and video, social media, and web.

Additionally, we work to build partnerships across campus and are guided by three main objectives: 

  • Building Iowa's brand – We work to protect the University of Iowa brand, ensuring its integrity and enhancing the perception of the university to all stakeholders. 
  • Telling Iowa's story – We work to showcase Iowa’s rich heritage and story, while fostering deep appreciation for all the institution offers to our students, campus, community, and the world.  
  • Cultivating strategic partnerships – We work to collaborate with key individuals, foster strategic partnerships with a variety of stakeholders and strive to build meaningful relationships that support the University's mission and drive its continued success.  

Our Team

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The Office of Strategic Communication supports the University of Iowa mission by using communication to build awareness and appreciation for the university’s people and programs. We provide counsel and produce content that advances the priorities of the university, connects with people emotionally and intellectually, and compels them to act on our behalf.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The mission of the Office of Strategic Communication is to share the University of Iowa’s story with the world. Many distinct perspectives and cultures have shaped–and continue to shape–that story. The principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than core to our values as individuals. They’re essential to our work. We commit ourselves to these principles so that we, as an office, can help our community more faithfully celebrate, support, and represent the varied voices that make up the University of Iowa.