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Capturing the unique moments that celebrate our vibrant community and showcase the beauty of our campus surroundings.

Our team provides professional photography and video assets that support our institutional communication goals, specifically tailored for you (and everyone else on campus) to utilize and enjoy.

Our curated library of assets, hosted on Photoshelter, ensures convenient access for the campus community and the general public through our public photo and video galleries.

Portrait studio

Visit our walk-in photo studio for professional portraits, conveniently located on the third floor of Plaza Centre One. While we are unable to accommodate individual or group requests for specific times or locations due to limited staffing, any student, staff, or faculty member may drop in for a portrait session when the studio is open. There is no fee for photo studio services.
We do not offer passport photography services of any kind.

Studio hours

Summer Session 2024 (May 13 - August 16)

     Wednesdays from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

     Fridays from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

We can help with

  • Providing a collection of high-quality campus photo and video assets through Photoshelter.
  • Offering livestreaming services for strategic institutional events and productions.
  • Providing professional portrait headshots for faculty, staff and students through our walk-in studio.
  • Providing consultation and support regarding web accessibility guidelines and best practices, including captioning livestreamed events.

Showcased photo work

Below are some samples of institutional photo work. 

Showcased video work

Below are some samples of institutional video work.

Welcome to Iowa

Why is Iowa the best public university for writing and communication? Look beyond the (many) accolades: Our level of excellence is rooted in the writing-related resources that prepare our grads for success in many fields.

University of Iowa Campus Tour

Join Heather Tustin and AJ Serck on a tour of the beautiful University of Iowa campus. Schedule a visit to see it for yourself!

Writing at the University of Iowa

More than 40 Pulitzer Prize winners. Seven U.S. Poet Laureates. Countless award-winning playwrights, novelists, journalists, and poets. The University of Iowa’s writing programs shape the landscape of American literature.

Documents and resources

Documents and resources

When shooting in public places where there are many people (outdoors on campus, downtown Iowa City, concerts, sporting events, etc.) it is not plausible to obtain signed consent forms for individuals being photographed/filmed.  

For intentionally planned or staged photo/video shoots involving student participants and/or volunteers (e.g. for marketing or promotional applications), our policy and practice in OSC is to get their permission in the form of a signed release/consent form.

Consent and Release Form for Minor

Consent and Release Form for Adults

In addition to obtaining a signed release form, it is best practice to verbally set fair and realistic expectations with participants around the usage of the photography/videography, along these general lines:

  • Communicate clearly with the subject(s) that photography/videography might be shared with multiple areas and departments on campus and that the imagery captured may appear in publications (print/web/social) associated with those departments.
  • Participation in a photo/video shoot does not guarantee that a given student will appear in any specific publication.
  • In the event that the university decides to feature an individual student prominently in marketing (e.g. on the university homepage, a magazine cover, etc.), it is our policy to make reasonable efforts to notify those featured before publication.

Many colleges, departments, and units at Iowa regularly create videos and livestream events that are available for viewing by audiences outside the university. But did you know that captioning is required for all university-created public-facing content? 

Use this guide to learn more about the importance of captions and how to implement them. 

Captioning Guide for Public-facing Content

Note: "Public-facing" content is broadly defined as content available to audiences outside the university. This does not include academic or course material content.

Photo contacts

Key Contacts

Kirk Murray headshot

Kirk Murray

Photo coordinator and videographer
Anne Kent Miller headshot

Anne Kent-Miller

Digital asset manager
Tim Schoon headshot

Tim Schoon

Justin Torner headshot

Justin Torner


Video contacts

Clarity Guerra headshot

Clarity Guerra

Video coordinator
Matt Jansen headshot

Matt Jansen

Video producer
Eva Sample headshot

Eva Sample

Student video producer
William Schwarz headshot

Will Schwarz

Student video producer
David Scrivner headshot

David Scrivner

Video producer
Dana Telsrow headshot

Dana Telsrow

Creative media developer
Nicholas Tomlonovice headshot

Nicholas Tomlonovic

Video producer