Wednesday, May 1, 2024

The University of Iowa is committed to supporting free expression and the Pentacrest has long been used as a gathering place by members of our campus and the Iowa City community to exercise their First Amendment right. 

Community members are permitted to exercise their first amendment rights in outdoor areas of campus if it complies with reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions, and as long as the conduct is lawful, and does not impede access to a facility or use of walkways, interfere with vehicle traffic, or disrupt the functioning of the institution.

Several groups have previously reserved areas of the Pentacrest this weekend for end-of-the-semester and graduation celebrations. To ensure the safety of everyone using this shared space it is important that event organizer review the outdoor space policy in Chapter 35 of the university Policy Manual and adhere to university’s demonstration guidelines

Campus Safety is aware of the events planned this weekend and has protocols in place. The primary goal of law enforcement during demonstrations is to protect free speech while ensuring the safety of both demonstrators and the community. We do not share details about specific security procedures for safety reasons.

Campus Safety welcomes conversations with event organizers ahead of time to help support a safe environment. These conversations also provide an opportunity for the university to share information about existing resources such as the free speech website, and a handout with the demonstration guidelines which serves as a quick guide for how to exercise free speech while complying with federal, state, and local laws as well as university policies.