Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Dear Hawkeyes,

As events in our nation’s capital continue to unfold, I urge members of the Hawkeye community to remain calm. Violence is not the answer to the issues that divide us.  

At Iowa, we know the power of words to confront, convince, reconcile, and heal. Civil discourse and the respectful exchange of ideas are the cornerstones of higher education and of this great institution. We must demonstrate those values in the coming days, weeks, and months.

No matter the political belief or issue or ideology behind them, when peaceful protests spiral out of control, it can only ever lead to tragedy. While our democracy is strong, it also is delicate and we must treat it with the utmost care so that it may, in turn, protect us.

Respecting our constitutionally mandated electoral process is critical to our democracy. Now is the time for we, the people, to move forward peacefully.

J. Bruce Harreld, president