Thursday, August 27, 2020

I would like to thank Governor Kim Reynolds for her recent action regarding bars and gatherings larger than 10 people. Without those actions I was very concerned about the rise in cases and the upcoming weekend.

These actions by the governor do not absolve any of us from our personal responsibilities and each of us must follow the three Ws:

  • Wear your face covering
  • Wash your hands
  • Watch your distance

For us to have any chance of a semester together we must and will do better.

Students' actions on and off campus can and will impact their standing at the university. We’re asking each of them to not engage in activities off and on campus that fail to follow the mandate passed by the Johnson County Board of Supervisors and the Iowa City CouncilOur dean of students has also updated guidance for student organizations, events, programs, and meetings in an effort to support those mandates and to continue reducing the spread of the disease.

Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation and we encourage our students to create a pod or family unit with their roommates, floormates, or household. And by social distancing and wearing a face covering when we are outside of our pod, on or off campus, we can still connect with others while protecting ourselves and our Hawkeye family.

Bruce Harreld, president