Thursday, March 21, 2019

The University of Iowa is strongly committed to freedom of expression and the first amendment. Free expression, academic freedom, and diversity of perspectives are all crucial to the fulfillment of the UI’s core mission—and the robust exchange of diverse ideas is the essence of a public research university. 

The university strives to maintain a safe and inclusive campus for students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Inclusiveness has been its hallmark—and its strength—for more than a century, and that will not change.  

More information about the university’s free speech policies can be found here:

The University of Iowa is also committed to providing students, families, and taxpayers transparent information about the cost and outcomes at the university. The University of Iowa publicly posts data regarding outcomes and cost:

Undergraduate students are also required to complete the Success at Iowa online course, which addresses financial literacy, during their first semester on campus.

Furthermore, the University of Iowa is committed to providing a transformative educational experience through its strategic plan:

  • Improving the four-year graduation rate for undergraduate students
  • Improving the six-year graduation rate for full-time PhD students
  • Improving the success of non-majority students
  • Increasing the number of prestigious student awards
  • Increasing the number of students engaged in entrepreneurship
  • Increasing the number of students engaged in at least three high-impact practices (internships, research, capstone projects, writing-intensive courses, etc.)

The successful implementation of the University of Iowa’s strategic plan will improve outcomes for students, families, and taxpayers.