Monday, January 14, 2019

The University of Iowa is committed to providing an inclusive environment for everyone who attends or works for the university. The UI is also committed to freedom of expression and the first amendment.

We encourage students, faculty, and staff to value diversity, engage in civil discourse, and be respectful of everyone that uses our shared space.

University policies regulating displays and rallies in public spaces are not based on the content of the display. The university may not deny an application for any reason that would deny constitutionally protected rights of freedom of speech and assembly.

In addition, legislation signed this spring requires the university to allow invited guest speakers. See for more.

Even free expression and academic freedom have limits. For example, threats of violence, incitement to violence, severe and pervasive harassment, and expression that places persons, and property in imminent danger are not protected and may subject violators to discipline, prosecution, or exclusion from campus.

The safety of everyone in our campus community is our top priority. We will maintain a safe and inclusive campus for people of all backgrounds regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, ancestry, or disability. Inclusiveness has been our hallmark—and our strength—for more than a century, and that will not change.

University offices and departments, including the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety, work together to make sure every event is as safe as possible for all who attend. If we experience incidents that violate UI policy and those responsible can be identified, it will result in appropriate disciplinary action.