The Iowa Caucuses are less than six months away, and we know our state is the nexus of political activity. Here’s how we can help while you’re here and then cover the 2020 presidential election.

You’re welcome to reach out to any students/student groups on your own:

The best place for video or live shots: In front of the Old Capitol: 1 N. Clinton St.

Please note: UI Video Services can accommodate live HD video uplinks. However, this service is reserved for media interviews of UI faculty, staff, and students speaking about their research and/or area of expertise.

Several Iowa experts are also available to share their expertise on the caucuses and presidential election:

Tim Hagle
Expertise: Elections, grassroots, and student organizing; GOP politics; judicial politics; Iowa Caucuses and voting; law; and U.S. politics
Contact:, 319-335-2348, 319-621-0946 (personal)

Cary Covington
Expertise: Caucuses as part of the nominating system; presidential politics/history; caucus’ effect on candidates’ prospects
Contact:, 319-335-2339

Douglas Jones
Expertise: Voting technology and election administration 
Contact:, 319-335-0740

Tracy Osborn
Expertise: Women in politics, Congress, state legislative politics
Contact:, 319-335-2337

Frederick J. Boehmke
Expertise: Interest groups, lobbying and campaign contributions; policymaking; state politics and policy; oversees the Hawkeye Poll
Contact:, 319-335-2342

Brian Lai
Expertise: International relations and United States foreign policy
Contact:, 319-335-2353

Thomas Rietz
Expertise: Political prediction markets, Iowa Electronic Markets
Contact:, 319-335-085